“The Cure for Your Disappointment with God”, Boundless pt 8, Luke 24:13-32

Have you ever felt disappointed by God? Maybe you feel that God is not with you or has not met your expectations? Today, we are reminded about the disappointment felt by the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, and we discover how that disappointment turned to joy.

“Living a Hope-Filled Life” – Luke 24:1-12

Have you ever felt hopeless?  Where do you go for hope?  Today, we look at how we can live a hope-filled life as we reflect on the resurrection of Jesus and how that power and hope can impact us today.


Do you have the hope of the “It ain’t over till it’s over” attitude when you are watching your favorite pro sports team? Do you keep cheering that team on to the end of the game even though they may be getting beaten? Do you have that same attitude about your life? Do you believe that God is still working in you even though you may be going through a rough chapter in your life. Do you believe that the mistakes that you have made can be made into a story for God’s glory? In this teaching, Pastor Greg shares how God is still writing our story, even though we may be in the midst of one of life’s bad chapters.

“IT’S NEVER TOO LATE FOR A 180” Luke 23:32-43

Have you ever found yourself driving or walking in the wrong direction? Once you discover your mistake, you try your best to immediately make a U-turn, and go in the right direction. This is a great spiritual picture of how Jesus changes the direction of our lives. Once we discover His love and sacrifice on the Cross, we, through His power, change direction. In this message, Pastor Greg shares the changed heart that one thief had on the Cross as He witnessed the sacrificial love and grace of our Savior.

“FIGHTING OFF DOUBT” Luke 23:32-43

Have you ever doubted God’s love for you? Doubt can easily creep in and cloud our judgement of who God is and what He is able to do. In this message, Pastor Greg shares about how we can fight off doubt as we trust that Jesus is in the middle of our everything.


We have all experienced holding a grudge, or having unforgiveness in our hearts towards someone. The question is, ‘How do we unload that grudge that is weighing us down?’ Pastor Greg takes us through Jesus’ final moments in Luke 23, and shares how Jesus gives us the ultimate example of forgiveness in the midst of being betrayed and crucified.

“WE ARE BARRABAS”  Luke 23:1-25 Have you ever needed a good reason to show a little more mercy? All we have to do is look at the love and mercy of Jesus in the final moments of His life. He doesn’t complain or argue or retaliate when the murderer Barrabas is released instead of Him. Why not? Because God so loved Barrabas that He would die for him so that even he could be forgiven. Pastor Greg takes us through this next section of Luke 23 as we get reminded that We are Barrabas.


Luke 22:39-53

What is the “lure” or temptation that you have the most trouble fighting against? Have you ever gone to serious battle in prayer against it? In this last part of the “Messy” series, Pastor Greg takes us through the principles we learn from Jesus as He fervently prayed in the garden to battle against the enemy.