Okay, so Before you start cooking up the wings and making the dip to prep for your Super Bowl party and before we maybe get to see and celebrate one of the best Catches in Superbowl history (yes, that picture is a throwback catch of the great #88, Lynn Swann, Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Dallas Cowboys), bring your crew and come on out to the Cross today so we can Celebrate Jesus!

Pastor Greg is going to be continuing the ‘Built For’ series with a teaching on being ‘Built For Power’.

So put on your fall clothes, leather jackets and whatever else you need when the temps are barely 60 degrees and let’s make it a Super Sunday…(we know, it’s a cheesy post, a little like the dip you will eat later!)

cross people pics

The Cross
Highland Oaks Middle School Theater
2375 Ives Dairy Road