The God who created the universe loves us so much that He calls us His Children. In our Father’s day message, Pastor Greg shares why having a proper understanding and knowledge of God as our Father is so important.

“Spring Cleaning” Luke 19:41-48 Pastor Greg Howard

In this installment of our “Conversations with Jesus” series, we learn why Jesus weeps for and has love for those who reject Him, as well as has righteous anger because of those who misrepresent God and defile His temple. Pastor Greg then helps us to apply...

“Let’s Pray” (Part 1) Luke 11:1-4 The Followers Series

Making a goal or resolution to be a person that prays more in 2018 is a great resolution that we should keep at the top of our list. Jesus gave us the ultimate example of making prayer an important part of our day and He gives us an outline by which we can pray. In...