“Who Is This Jesus?”  Luke 20:40-44   Pastor Greg Howard

“Who Is This Jesus?” Luke 20:40-44 Pastor Greg Howard

Are you a fan or a follower? This question is one that Pastor Greg poses to us as we continue in our series through the Gospel of Luke. In today’s study, Jesus turns the tables on the religious leaders, and instead of being questioned, He asks an important,...

“Spring Cleaning” Luke 19:41-48 Pastor Greg Howard

In this installment of our “Conversations with Jesus” series, we learn why Jesus weeps for and has love for those who reject Him, as well as has righteous anger because of those who misrepresent God and defile His temple. Pastor Greg then helps us to apply...

DEEPER-Part 3 I John 2 ‘Deeper Love’

Sometimes we can harbor the wrong attitude when someone does us wrong. In this installment of the Deeper series through I John, we learn how important it is to truly love and not hate.