We want to say Thank You, to all of our Moms…We praise God for you and want to give you the honor and love for all of the things you’ve done. We thank you for all of those early morning breakfasts, making sure we had the right clothes, always giving us the encouraging words, the loving hugs, the rides to and from everywhere, the grace and attitude of ‘I love you’ no matter what we did, the diapers we don’t remember getting changed, the tears spent over the pain we may have caused, the food that always seemed to be in the fridge, the house that always felt in order, the silly games you took time out to play with us, the prayers that you prayed for us, those quiet moments of hugs, love and encouragement…Our list goes on and on and we just want to say, Thank you!

And also to those spiritual moms in our lives who took time to teach and encourage and to show us how to live like Jesus, we say ‘Thank you’. You taught us by your walk and your words and you are our ‘Moms’ in our spiritual walk. Thank you for all of the prayers and care and discipleship to help us be who we are today.

We would love for you to Join us on Sunday, May 14th as we honor Mom’s on Mother’s Day!

We will have the opportunity for free family portraits after service so you won’t want to miss out!

Thanks Moms! We love you!

The Cross

Sundays 10:30am  The Highland Oaks Middle School Theater, 2375 Ives Dairy Road