If you’ve missed our Marriage Matters series, or would just like to see them instead of listening, you can check them out here.

In Part 1 Pastor Greg encourages us about the importance of marriage and how we can fight for an awesome one.

In part 2  Pastor Greg encourages the husbands on the importance of their role to love their wife as Jesus loved the church.

In part 3 In this part of our Marriage Matters series, Pastor Greg reminds all of the wives and future wives about their important roles in marriage and how their husbands, and future husbands need them more than they think.

And in part 4 we conclude the series with a great message for singles and marrieds about sex, love and romance. Pastor Greg pulls no punches and shares great truth from God’s Word about how to approach romance in the crazy world we live in.

Several messages concludes with an interview from one of the couples of our Cross Family sharing practical insights into marriage. Check them out below.