‘Blessed is every one who fears the Lord, Who walks in His ways.’ Psalm 128
Is there someone who is living today whom you would love to meet because of some influence or impact they have unknowingly had on your life, work or intellect? What questions would you ask them or how would you act around them if you ever met them? I am sure we would take notes at that meeting and apply whatever that person says and walk in those ways.  Isn’t it crazy how we can hold a respect or honor for someone and yet they don’t even know our name. God not only knows our name, but He also knows our trials, and He has a deep love for us while being available for us at any time. He also just happens to be the One who is most wise and the best resource for everything and yet we can tend to look to man for our answers then we do looking to God for our answers.
If you do a word search of ‘blessed is’ and ‘blessed are’ in a bible program and you will find an incredible outline of how we can be blessed or happy. This verse highlights that blessing or that happiness will come when we ‘fear’ the Lord. This is not an ‘I am afraid of God’ kind of fear, but its a fear meaning that we are showing a deep respect, awe, worship or honor for God. It’s that same kind of respect you might have for that person you look up to, has influenced you and who you have always wanted to meet. When we can apply that deeper type of honor or respect for God, it will cause us to want to know more about Him, which will lead us to reading His word more, which will lead us to walking in His ways, which leads us to making the right choices in life, which leads us to that blessed or happy life!  That sounds good to me!