“Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!” Luke 2:14

Merry Christmas Everyone!! We pray that you and your family have a beautiful celebration of Jesus today. I’m sure you recognize this verse as you may have heard it in church last night or in the past weeks.  The shepherds are listening as the angels rejoiced about what God had done. They are singing praise to God, which is something we should remember to do today during and after all the fun and craziness of opening presents. They also proclaim that this birth of Jesus gives brings peace to man. Jesus would later say that He gives us a peace that is different from the peace that the world gives. I am so thankful for that kind of peace from Jesus. Its that beyond understanding kind of peace. I believe Peace is present in our lives when we know we are forgiven, peace is also present when we know where we are going when we die, peace is also present when we know that we are SO loved by the God of the universe, and peace is also present when we know that God is guiding our life. He brings us a peace in many ways and the person whose mind is stayed on Him, trusting Him, is kept in perfect peace. I wanted to remind you of those truths because I know that if you have family visiting from out of town, you may have very little peace right now! Christmas and family go together and sometimes the family can cause us to have no peace! Family can often bring more chaos, more pushing of the wrong buttons, ensuing arguments, and heated emotions from unnecessary comments. Don’t let the enemy rob you of peace at the house this Christmas. Be the peacemaker. Reflect on why you really have peace and then apply those principles to your family. We are forgiven, so we forgive, we are SO loved, so we love. God is with us in everything we do, so lets honor Him in how we react and treat everyone else. Family may cause some moments of no peace, but those moments don’t outweigh the value and love that family brings. Maybe you have no family with you this Christmas and that’s why you don’t have peace, or you may have lost a job or lost a loved one. God understands that pain, but no matter what our reason is for not having peace, we need to be reminded that the God of the Universe still loves us, He is with us and He has a purpose and plan for our life. When we remind ourselves of His truth and His love, then we will be back in His perfect peace.

Have a Merry and Peaceful Christmas!!!!