‘Now in the morning, having risen a long while before daylight, He went out and departed to a solitary place; and there He prayed.’ Mark 1:3

Its safe to say that we all love having smart phones because they allow us easy access to news, sports scores, emails, our calendar, music and social media. They can, however, get pretty addictive. In fact, a survey listed these various statistics on how much we check our smartphones. 30 percent of participants say they check their phones when they are at a meal with someone else(I just did that last night..guilty). 40% check them on the toilet (ok, no more borrowing someone else’s phone!). 24% check them while driving. 9% check them while at church (I probably would, but I am the one teaching.). 54% check them as soon as they wake up. They have definitely captured our attention and time. I love this verse in Mark and even though it is such a simple thought it makes a powerful statement as it gives us that glimpse into Jesus’ priorities. He obviously didn’t have the temptation of a smartphone buzzing and beeping first thing in the morning, but I am sure His life had plenty of other ways (like the sick, lame, demon possessed people) that could have interrupted it, if He allowed it.  He was about to start His day ministering to those clamoring for His attention, but instead of getting busy about something that would not provide any spiritual strength, He set His day in order by getting up early, getting alone and praying. He models a healthy relationship with the Father and shows us the priority and importance of prayer in this simple, yet profound verse. I read a quote recently that said, ‘True prayer is a lonely business’. There is something about being alone with God and seeking Him apart from the crazy schedule of life and our smartphones that recharges and refocuses us. Jesus reminds us of this importance of carving out that time to get alone with the God of the Universe who is our Father in heaven. We should ask Him to help us to put down the smartphone and make Him that priority everyday.