‘A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, Loving favor rather than silver and gold.’ Proverbs 22:1


As I mentioned on recent Sundays, I have really enjoyed watching the Olympics. What an incredible display of athletic ability, discipline and perseverance in a variety of sports. The drive displayed by these athletes to win a medal was inspiring to watch and evident in all of the athletes, but unfortunately, not everyone wins the gold, silver or bronze medal. I have found that the stories of character and sportsmanship displayed by some of the many who didn’t win brought even more inspiration. Runners helping each other to finish the race after they were tripped up and took a bad fall on the track was just one of those memorable moments. They may not have won a medal, but they built up their reputation for having a good name and gracious spirit, and that is worth more than riches or medals. Olympic athletes are carrying the name and reputation of their country into every race, competition, match and even the local Rio gas station. If we believe and love Jesus, then we are carrying the name ‘christian’ into all of our daily contests. We not only have a chance to build up a good name for ourselves, but also we build up the reputation for our savior. People are watching and are impacted by how we live out our faith. Let’s strive to have a great reputation and a gracious heart as its worth far more than any gold medal or a fat bank account.