Praise the LordFor it is good to sing praises to our God; For it is pleasant, and praise is beautiful. Psalm 147:1

Do you ever sing songs of praise to God that you actually make up as you go? I know it may sound strange, but I love doing that…It may be more like a praise prayer then a worship song, and it’s probably not the most melodic or has much harmony, but somehow, by me just expressing my thanks and praise to God from my heart, I get more out of that then when I sing a worship song from the radio or my iPod. I am drawing closer to Him by sharing my heart filled with praise to Him. The Psalmist said its good to sing praises to our God. It’s pleasant and beautiful. That’s pretty much what the Psalms are all about. Singing songs to God that each writer felt on His heart. I think we should practice the same, because I have never heard anyone say they felt worse after praising God! That’s because it’s so pleasant and beautiful! It brings us peace and joy to our hearts as we sing out to Him. I want to encourage you to remember and write down a few things that God has done for you and then get alone and sing out to God whatever praises comes on your heart. You could be in your house or you car or walking down the beach. It doesn’t matter if you wont get recruited to be a contestant on The Voice, God loves the heart and as we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us! Try it and see and let me know how it goes!