And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance;  Romans 5:3
If you have ever worked out regularly and then taken some time off due to injury, sickness or too many Oreos, then you know what it is like when you start another exercise routine back up. Its hard! I realized that recently as I started back up after a break from an injury. It seemed to be more difficult and the muscle pain seemed to be worse (maybe because I am not 21!), but once you keep going, and run through the pain, you actually start to enjoy it. You begin to feel stronger, and you know that enduring the pain and making the effort was all worth it. It’s never easy facing a trial in your life, but God promises that it produces perseverance or endurance or steadfastness. When we are able to face a trial and trust God in the process, it may be painful, but He is producing something in us that will help us through the next difficulty in our life. We learn from it, grow from it and become even stronger in the process. Its sounds crazy to say we should rejoice in a trial, but it makes sense when we know that Jesus is doing something in us. We may be sore for a bit, but if we keep persevering through the pain, the end result will be that we are stronger, and made even more ready for the next trial, knowing that Jesus is working in us.