Here is our CrossFamily wall of thanks. We are a church that believes in making thanks a habit. We will be updating this once a month. Don’t forget to fill out a Praise card at church or e-mail us and let us know what you are thankful for.


We are thanking God for

Family members that are making positive choices to make their lives better

Providing my wife and this church!

For rescuing me from homelessness and joblessness

My lovely wife who radiates godly grace and beauty

Carrying me through the death of my husband since 2014

Allowing me to attend John Hopkins and I get money for it! COME ON!

I got baptized

I’m thankful for God allowing me the chance to be a part of my families life again

Thankful that God has answered my prayers about my nephews, my children, and how we are all together at church!

Salvation coming to some and life changes to others

Having my cousins back in my life

JOB – running water, family, food in my freezer, bills are paid. Church is growing. Grandson

For restoring me as a person and restoring my family

My daily life is better with the Lord and the Cross Church

God bringing unity in my family after 7 years. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!!

A community of Christ loving people who have come into our life!

Providing me with a husband who fears the Lord and honors me!

Thanking God for my wives cancer test coming back negative. 9 years free

Creating for me a more quiet and gentle spirit.

Thank you Lord for our amazing pastor!

Good friends, a new job, and marriage

Providing a place for my family to live and move to. Providing first, last and security deposit and future payments. All done after I learning my position was eliminated.

My neighbor and friend Howard who has helped me move with everything

The gift of my husband

For my loving wife and her giving heart and thoughtful words

Gift of eternal life as well as being able to see our youngest son be born

God always has my back in everything

God helped me through nursing school and helped me pass my exam. I have my RN license. Praise the Lord

I praise the Lord for the man you have blessed me and my son with

My father in law praying to receive Christ before He passed

Still happily married after 9 years

Restoring my marriage

Providing us with the money that we needed for my daughters braces

Positive changes in my daughters heart