Hey Cross Family!

Part of our mission is to be a church that is reaching and giving to the poor. That is why we’re super excited to announce that starting today, every time you check-in on our Facebook page, your check-in will generate a donation to a great cause.

What is a check-in you ask? 
When you are attending church, a Cgroup, an outreach or anything that has to do with the Cross church, go to your Facebook page and click on the box where you would post something, then simply tap the geo icon. This will give you the option to Check-In. From the drop down box, choose The Cross Church and you will Check-In. You can always post what you are doing in the box above the icon. 

You can also check-in via Instagram…Just post a picture on instagram and add the Cross Church as your location and that check-in will also generate a donation.

This month our check-ins will go to help feed the poor in Haiti through the Feed One program. Haiti was recently impacted by the Hurricane so a lot of help is needed.

Thanks for joining us to help reach the poor!