“WHY NOT?”- 1 Samuel 14  Pastor Greg Howard

“WHY NOT?”- 1 Samuel 14 Pastor Greg Howard

Jonathon was a man who had a “Why Not?” type of faith. He was willing to step out and trust God even when the odds were against him. Why not trust God? Are you willing to take some crazy, God sized steps of faith for the battles in your life? Check out...

“Enduring to Be a Hero” The Life of Job

Job, was a man who is famously known for the perseverance and endurance he displayed while facing incredibly painful trials and problems. He is a hero to us who want to know how we can better face trials in our own lives. Pastor Greg takes us on a journey to learn...

“For Such A Time As This” The life of Esther

In this instalment of our “Be a StandOut” series, Pastor Greg takes a look at lessons learned from the life of Esther and how He has called us to make a difference and Be a Standout within the radius of our life.