‘Now unto Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we ask or think, according to the power that works within us’. Ephesians 3:20

We had an incredible weekend celebrating what the Lord has done this past year at the Cross. Some of our team were on stage sharing some of the things that the Lord has done and we marked those milestones and memories on stones that rest in a jar that is now sitting at the welcome center. The Luncheon afterward was also a fun but, powerful time as we shared some great food and then heard from others in our body who spoke about just how God has used the Cross church in their lives. Then on Wednesday, we had a powerful move of God at our R3, worship and prayer night! Wow, what a night as we could sense the presence of God in the house.

It was back in June of 2014 that my wife and I decided to step out with a small team of friends in crazy faith and begin this church. Over this past year, we saw God provide in ways that only He was capable of doing. Whether it was the dance studio He provided to be our first meeting space, or the beautiful, last minute chairs He provided or the perfect location at Highland Oaks middle school where we now meet, God has been with us and has been the One building up this church.

Obviously, this was an emotional weekend for me as I searched through pictures and memories of what God has done this past year. As I searched through these things, those memories obviously included my beautiful bride going to heaven back in October 2014. Sorting through pictures and seeing Ashleigh’s joy displayed in those pictures only reminded me of her passionate love for Jesus and His word and how incredibly special Ashleigh was to all of us. There were moments this past week when those memories caused the Tsunami waves of grief and pain to bring forth intense weeping from within as I was reminded how much I miss my partner and teammate in life and at the Cross. Those emotions hit me even now as I write this blog, but I know that He who began this work is faithful to complete it and Ashleigh would want this church, that she named, to continue onward with the Power of His Spirit and with the Knowledge and love of Jesus. We will keep focused on our mission of ‘Knowing and Loving God, Being known for Love, and Bringing Hope to All.’

So, we press onward and look forward to seeing all of the great things God will do this 2nd year at the cross. I hope you will pray with me, for me and for us as a church as we navigate this year. We want the Lord to help us reach the hurting and the lost. We want to bring hope and salvation to those in this area of South Florida. We want our people to be Jesus people who love His word and believe that nothing is impossible for Him.

Thank you for your help, love, encouragement and prayers for the Cross. I know that He is going to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we ask or think!!

So, Let’s keep asking Him!!