11  My child, don’t turn away or become bitter when the Lord corrects you.12  The Lord corrects
everyone he loves, just as parents correct a child they dearly love. Proverbs 3:11-12 CEV
I remember to this day when I was disciplined by my parents when I did something wrong like trying to light things on fire in the trees right next to the house. Not a smart move. I don’t remember the discipline because I’m still sore, or angry or still depressed about it, but I remember because I learned a lesson of life through it and I applied that to the rest of my life. They loved me and wanted to help me grow. Our God loves us and is gracious, but His love for us is so great that He doesn’t want us to make the same mistake twice. That discipline or correction that we feel is His deep love for us. The key is not to run from Him, or go into an angry or depressed mode and let that divide our relationship with Him. No, we must accept that discipline knowing that is all about His love and protection , and we will learn a valuable spiritual life lesson in the process.