“On the same day, when evening had come, He said to them, “Let us cross over to the other side.” Mark 4:35

We got the chance to go to disneyland out here in California with the o2 experience team and as you may know from my prior devos, I really love disney! Disney is the happy place and I have never been to disneyland only disney world so I was glad that one of the crew was super stoked and super excited to show us disneyland the way she knows it from being here a few times. She was full of smiles to be our tour guide… until we got to the Tower of Terror. Just the name causes the weak to shake and if you have never ridden it, it can make you a bit shaky in the heart. We sort of coaxed/forced/influenced her to go on it and as she was standing in line, you could see her happy face turn into a tense look and contemplation of what was coming up. The ride happened and the primal screams (from everyone) were permanently recorded by Levi on his iPhone. The cool thing was that after the ride finished, our frightened teammate was all smiles and totally stoked. It is sort of a picture of our christian walk. We may have those happy moments of totally trusting God and then we may have those moments where some serious trials come our way and our faith turns into fear and then eventually we get back to that happy place. Jesus told his crew that they would be going to other side. That was His promise on the shore. They had seen Him doing amazing miracles and they were probably in a very happy place, but now, they were in the midst of a major storm, literally. The boat was getting tossed and thrown and Jesus, was asleep down below. They thought they were going to die, but Jesus obviously knew the storm was going to be raging and wasn’t worried about it because He obviously made them the promise on the shore. Of course, He just has to say the word and the sea and winds calmed down immediately. So, what’s it mean for us? He who began a good work in you is faithful to complete it.  We may be in a happy moment of life and then all of the sudden we may have some serious storms in our lives, because bad things are always going to happen. The point is Jesus knows. He has made you promises that you are getting to the other side. He is not worried about the problem so we need to continually trust Him, no matter what. If you are in the midst of the storm, know that He cares, He is aware and He is able to get you to the other side.