Why are you cast down o my soul? Why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God for I shall yet praise Him for the help of His countenance. Psalm 42:5  It can be very easy to get discouraged and lose our spiritual focus sometimes. We can have a difficult circumstance pop up in a variety of ways and then we tend to get our eyes off the creator and onto the created problem. When you may feel a bit bummed out about something, its a good reminder to reflect on exactly who our hope is in.  Our hope is in the God who created all that you see around you everyday.  He is God and that means that He is able. His resume is pretty much the best you have ever read. You don’t have to read very far and you will see that He created the heavens and the earth. Just glance up to the beautiful star filled, moonlit sky tonight for a reminder. So, if you are feeling a bit discouraged, refocus your hope back in Him.

Hey CrossFamily,
I love how the Psalms remind us to always keep God at the center of our thoughts. We love seeing how He is working and moving at the Cross. Thanks for your continued prayers for us!
Wasn’t it great to have Josh Bowers teach for us this last week. He and his wife Emily will be planting a church called The Cross and Anchor in London, England at the beginning of next year. I want to thank you for being a church who gets it when Jesus said it is ‘more blessed to give than receive’. Because of your faithfulness, we are able to help support Josh and Emily as they start off on this faith adventure in England. I remember when we began the Cross, we did it without any financial assistance or funding. We prayed and God provided. We didn’t even have tithe and offering envelopes the first few weeks. Some people asked about how they could give, so Steve and Ryan, a couple of elders on our team, ran across the street to the Walmart and bought some No. 10 envelopes to use until we printed some regular tithe and offering envelopes! :)) They put the envelopes in a basket until Robert, another elder, built a portable tithe box for us. Classic how God provides! I also vividly remember when a pastor friend from a church in Deerfield bought and surprised us with our first projector. I will never forget that box arriving at my door and the gratitude in my heart. It was as if Jesus delivered it Himself.  I am super pumped that The Cross church is now able to help plant another work in another country.  Your faithfulness has allowed us to be in a place financially where we can bless others, so we are helping the work of the Cross and Anchor to be planted in London so that the gospel will grow! Thank you so much for being so generous with His resources! We all are a part of that work in London and some of that fruit will be added to all of our accounts in heaven! If You would like more info on Josh and Emily’s Cross and Anchor Church plant, go to 
josh bowers