Our 40 for 40 prayer for the day….Pray for those that attend the cross to have spiritual growth and radically changed lives as they experience true discipleship.

thanks for praying with us!

Day 11-Pray that God would prepare a worship team with the musicians and singers that worship Him, pointing people to Him, making sure everyone’s eyes are on Jesus.

Day 10- Pray for our Leadership team to continue to have God’s vision, wisdom,spiritual growth and protection.

Day 9- Pray that God would help us to start up youth ministry, raise up the right youth leader and see our youth grow at the cross

Day 8-Pray for our service today that Pastor Greg would be empowered by the Spirit, that Jesus would be lifted up, that lives would be saved.

Day 7- Pray for our ladies bible study today and pray for the cross church ladies to be united, full of the Lord, women of faith who seek to know God and His word.

Day 6- Pray that the cross would be known as a place of love, a place full of Jesus people, a place of hope, a place of spiritual growth, a place of worship.

Day 5- Pray that God would draw the lost to the cross on sundays and that they would be drawn to Jesus to be saved.

Day 4 Pray for the people of the cross to be empowered by the Spirit with boldness to reach out and share their faith with others. Pray that the cross would be a place where the lost are saved and changed.

Day 3 Pray for Pastor Greg that he would be empowered and led by the Spirit when He teaches the Word.

Day 2 Pray for our first women’s ministry bible study/ breakfast on Saturday, January 10th. That God would bring those who need to be there and that the Lord would move greatly.

Day 1 Lets Give God thanks today for all that He has done and how He has provided for us at the cross!! Pray for the Word to be taught with power, pointing all to Jesus.