Pray for miracles and healing to happen for our people who are in need. Pray that we would be a people who believe that nothing is impossible for God, that we would be a church who believes His Word and walks in faith. That we would be quick to pray for those who are sick, believing God can heal, that Jesus is the same today, as yesterday and forevermore. Pray that sicknesses would be healed and injuries would be quickly mended. Pray for those whose backs need to be healed,that God loosens their muscles and realigns their backbone, pray that ears would be opened to hear, pray for parents who are sick, pray for the skin diseases to be cleared up, pray for the cancers to be healed, pray for teens who are in depression to be uplifted, that the enemy would have no place in their lives, Pray for diseases and viruses to be healed. Pray that God would pour out His mercy and grace and heal all those in need.